First Responder Organizations (FRO), i.e., Police Departments, Campus Police, Organization Security Departments, Fire Departments, Ambulance Services and Hospitals, can register with GuardOn to receive Safety and Medical Alerts sent by GuardOn users located in their geographical areas of authority.

First Responder Portal

Register the organization to use GuardOn’s services and solutions

Configure and authorize organization personnel to use GuardOn

Configure area of jurisdiction of the organization with a geofencing tool

Configure alert routing – alerts sent to a central processing center or directly to first responder personnel

Alert map with locations of alerts and drill-down data capabilities

Alert response center

First Responder App

Receive and respond to alerts

Get alert details… name of person, date & time, location, alert type

Dynamic location information if the person under distress is moving

Navigation to the person under distress

Communicate with person under distress

Coordinate response and rescue with other resopnders

Deactivate alerts


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